Project Description

Borgo Tufi

Organic Apples, Truffles, Tintilia Wine, Cheese, Bells…. and Wellness

Borgo Tufi

Organic Apples, Truffles, Tintilia Wine, Cheese, Bells…. and Wellness

Arrival at the airport. We can arrange transfers to and from Castel del Giudice on request.

Check-in at Borgo Tufi Residence.

“Benvenuto” Drink and Dinner with “Traditional Menù by Chef Alessandra Di Paolo” to experience local food, recipes and wine getting the chance to meet your new friends.

We will have a guided tour in the village of Agnone, famous for Cheese, Bells, Copper and Chocolate. We will meet a well-known cheese maker and learn about old-world production of fresh mozzarella and Caciocavallo cheese as well as enjoy Cheese Tasting at Lunch. It will be a unique tasting experience that one will never forget!

Bell Foundry | Borgo Tufi – Dinner

In the afternoon we will also visit an historic artisan Bell Foundry where unique Bells are created for the Vatican City and sold all over the world; we will be surprised by the bell production techniques.
Back to Borgo Tufi. Some relax and a delicious dinner.

A tour to Castel del Giudice Village, where Borgo Tufi is located, will be an extraordinary experience especially for Truffles and Apples lovers. We will visit the Organic Apple Orchard with a selection of 56 types of native apples typical of Abruzzo and Molise. Cooking class with Chef Alessandra di Paolo to transform apples in Menù as well as cook traditional dishes with truffles.

Capracotta Village Visit + Truffle Company Visit

Early in the afternoon we will visit Capracotta village and one of the best truffle companies of the Molise region.
Dinner at Borgo Tufi Restaurant.

In the morning we will head to San Vincenzo al Volturno and its extraordinary archaeological area. We will be fascinated by the magnificence of the Monastery and the Cript of Abbot Epifanio rich in early Medieval frescoes. The landscape is wild and it is the home of many different animals such as bears, wolves, deers and chamois.
After visiting one of the most beautiful places in Italy, we will have lunch with genuine products from the land once arrived at the Rural Village Le Sette Querce, an ancient old village of peasants and shepherds and which today continues to live in harmony with the landscape. There we will also visit the village “on the donkey cart” and experience how people used to live in the past….but this is a surprise!

Borgo Tufi | Dinner

In the afternoon back to Borgo Tufi to relax before a light dinner.

n the morning we will learn how to cook polenta “Portafortuna” and salad + pizzette with apple jam.

Wine Tasting + Dinner

Wine tasting in the afternoon to taste three different Tintilia wines from different wineries. Tintilia is a ruby and spice wine made only in Molise region and you will discover the secret of such unique grape.

Now it’s time to relax!!  a few hours spent at our  spa center can do wonders!… you will return back home at the end of your holidays perfectly relaxed.
Enjoy the Lunch at Borgo Tufi Restaurant.
In the afternoon some rest and time for yourself and then Dinner to say Goodbye to your new friends in the hope to meet them again one day.

Breakfast. Check-out. We can arrange transfer to Rome on request.