• Via Colle, 10

    86078 Località Montecesima, Sesto Campano (IS)

  • +39 0865 928 430

  • info@lesettequerce.it

The rural village “Le Sette Querce” embodies the reserved, authentic and hospitable spirit of Molise. Place that has jealously guarded the traditions of the “land” to pass them down from generation to generation and to be able to share them … today.
The village “Le Sette Querce” is chosen to inebriate the traditions of which the place is soaked, to savor the culture still linked to the rural and mountain world, to remain enchanted by the shades of nature. Located on the border between Campania and Molise, in the municipality of Sesto Campano, the complex rises 750 m above sea level. The structure is inserted in an uncontaminated environment and welcomed in a landscape of rare beauty. From the Mainarde chain, hills, valleys, mountains and the imposing massif of the perennially whitened Matese. The rooms of the rural village “Le Sette Querce”, independent of each other, are welcoming and elegant, carefully restored residences. The past of these small lodgings, farms, stables, stores for fodder and crops, each with its original name, lives today in refined residences with every comfort.
The perception of history, the care for details, the use of natural materials such as local stone, the wood of local essences and the ancient brick, make the rural village Le Sette Querce the place of excellence for a memorable stay. The gastronomy of the rural village “Le Sette Querce” is celebrated in the perfect union between the pleasant environments used for catering and the preparation of true delicacies. Every minimum product is carefully chosen, all coming from their own farms and collected.