Food and Wine

Discovering Italian Food and Wine can be really surprising in this small and unique region of Italy – Molise – where nothing has really changed.
Molise is far from mass – tourism and it is a place where you can taste real traditional peasant dishes, fish, meat, Truffles (more than 40% of this precious tuber comes from Molise), fresh pasta, cheeses, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and discover a unique wine – Tintilia – a ruby, spicy and intense wine produced only in Molise. Searching for typical dishes in local restaurants, visiting food markets where you can find local produce, discovering the ancient recipes meeting the “nonnas” of the village, can be an authentic experience out of the ordinary.

Welcome to Molise
for an authentic
Italian Experience



Castles – Villages

Molise is a region full of well – kept secrets, an ideal starting point to discover the most beautiful landscapes of Italy, nestled between rivers, mountains and sea in a succession of romantic farmhouses, ancient Medieval villages, Trabucchi fishing houses, towers, difensive walls, castles, tratturi, natural and truffle reserves as well as “botteghe artigiane” where artisans still make copper, shoes, perforated steel, knives in the old way. Welcome to Molise for an authentic experience, out-of-the-ordinary.


Get the Tremiti Islands by sailing, admire a maritime village from the canoe, climb the rocks, go rafting, enjoy forests and mountains during a walk on a bike. In Molise you can enjoy all those activities or sports immersing yourself in nature: from water to rock, from earth to air.


Molise is one of the most interesting places in Italy for ceremonies and weddings. Castles, abbeys, ancient churches, rural and marine landscapes make you go back in time and offer scenarios for unforgettable religious rites and highly symbolic wedding.


Keep in shape with the Mediterranean diet, with tasty healthy dishes based on organic and natural products, in well-equipped wellness centres, in unspoilt landscapes in search of wellbeing for the body and the Spirit. Molise appears as a real health course.