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Domus Tour

Foraging, Cooking, Nonnas, Truffles, Officinal Herbs, Medieval Villages….and Wellness

Domus Tour

Foraging, Cooking, Nonnas, Truffles, Officinal Herbs, Medieval Villages….and Wellness

Arrival at the airport. We can arrange transfers to and from Bagnoli del Trigno on request.

Check-in at the Domus Residence.

“Benvenuto” Drink and Dinner with typical food and wine of the region and the delicious “Bagnoli” wine.

We will visit Bagnoli del Trigno, a charming Medieval Village located near a rocky massif called “la Preta” that stands between the river Trigno and the river Vella and it is dominated by the Lombard Castle.The landscape is picturesque and for this called “the Fairyland” or “the Pearl of Molise”. We will explore the historic center, entering the alleys of the village up to the ancient Church of San Silvestro, set between two walls of rock, feeling part of the village. Family lunch at a private house in the village where a local “Mama” will teach how to make pasta at home just like grandmothers used to do and will offer lunch to the whole group.


In the afternoon time for yourself in the SPA enjoying the thermal baths and discovering the benefits of the salt room pampered with herbal teas and fresh fruits. For those who do not like Spa treatments, there are interesting options such as hiking, trekking, walking paths. Dinner at the Calice Rosso Restaurant to taste the typical Polenta with white “Italian ragù” and Lamella Truffle.

In the morning we will visit the fields of cultivation of medicinal herbs and the plant production to learn how herbs are cultivated, harvested and then prepared for health and beauty treatments. We will also explore and experiment about wild and medicinal herbs used in the field of phytotherapy. Lunch at Calice Rosso Restaurant.

Foraging + Cooking Class

In the afternoon, just like grandmothers used to do in the past, we will go Foraging, looking for spontaneous and wild herbs with unexpected flavors. After foraging back to the Residence for a hands-on cooking class with Officinal Herbs. Dinner on your creations with the company of good wine and friends.

We will go to Agnone, a village known for truffles, porcini mushrooms, chocolate and copper. After the tour of the village, we will meet a local craftsman who works the copper called “ramaio” that will tell some secrets of his art. Following we will live a sweet experience: we will visit one of the most popular pastry chefs of the place and taste some delicacies typical of the area. On the way back we will be surprised by Pietrabbondante, a Roman site set among huge rocks called “Morge” at the foot of Monte Caraceno.

An ancient settlement that was the most important political center of the Samnites between the 2nd century BC and 95 a.C. We will have a memorable experience visiting the ancient theater built in the natural spur of the semi-circular ground with five staircases with “anatomical stone seats” that are also used today when theater events are held.

Back to Domus + Dinner at Calice Rosso Restaurant with “Scattone and Paniccia”

In the afternoon, we will return to Domus Residence to relax. Dinner at the Calice Rosso Restaurant with the “scattone”, an appetizer based on pasta and wine, the “paniccia”, corn flour pizza with rural vegetables, and “spezzatino bagnolese”, a dish with lamb meat.

In the morning we will visit “il Parco delle Morge” where we will be fascinated by the Morgia Pietravalle, in the countryside of Salcito, dating back to the Miocene period. We will discover the outdoor paleontological laboratory characterized by the presence of numerous fossils. A walk will follow to the village of Pietracupa called the Bethlehem of Molise with a visit to the “rock church” (Chiesa Rupestre) and the Rupe Museum. For lunch we will move to a local cheesemaker and you will discover the secrets of good cheese, from milking to milk processing. We will have lunch tasting seasoned cheeses and freshly made ones, the taste of the cheese just made is unique if you consider that after a few hours it changes! This experience will be part of the memories of your life. The tasting will be accompanied by bruschette to taste the excellent local extra-virgin olive oil, typical meats of Bagnoli del Trigno and good local wine. In the afternoon we will return to the Residence for a little rest and for dinner at the Calice Rosso Restaurant.

We will go to La Piana dei Mulini, a Water Mill that dates back to the end of XVIII Century. We will be fascinated by the green nature of the Biferno River as well as food and the “magical” setting out of Time and Place of the Mill. Lunch at the La Piana dei Mulini with cooking show and information about food and recipes.

Tintilia Wine Tasting + Ciao Ciao Dinner

In the afternoon back to Bagnoli and after a rest we will discover Tintilia Wine, a ruby, spice scent wine produced only in Molise. It is not easy to come across a bottle of Tintilia ! A Farewell Dinner will follow to say Goodbye to your new friends in the hope to meet again one day.

Breakfast. Check-out. Transfer to the airport can be arranged on request.