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La piana dei Mulini

Roman Sites, Cheese, Arts and Crafts, River, Castels, Wine and Truffle Tastings

La piana dei Mulini

Roman Sites, Cheese, Arts and Crafts, River, Castels, Wine and Truffle Tastings

Arrival at the Airport. We can arrange transfer to and from La Piana dei Mulini on request.

Check-in at La Piana dei Mulini Water Mill.

Welcome Drink and Dinner with traditional and local Food and Wine.

Frosolone is a small village that stretches languidly with evocative and creative flair at the foot of a mountain who in itself is a jewel, surrounded by greenery. It’s an ancient village of historical memories and very ancient traditions, old houses, Churches and historical palaces. Right into the village and inside its tiny back streets we can take in the beauty and wonder of unspoiled nature.

This village’s visit will let us explore the life of a close past, almost vanished, the life of the shepherds and the craftsmen who were the first inhabitants of this beautiful village, linked to the millennial practice of transhumance, a type of pastoralism or nomadism, a seasonal movement of livestock between fixed summer and winter pastures that has been at the base of the economy in Molise.
Lunch in the village.

Caciocavallo Cheese Workshop + Museum and Workshop for Cutting Tool

A cheese workshop will let us enjoy the traditional “Caciocavallo” making technique – a local cheese well known in the south of Italy – and taste its unique flavor. Frosolone is also famous for the “botteghe”, ancient craftsmen workshops and we will have the chance to visit one of them as well as the Museum of Cutting Tools where all the secrets of blade forging will be revealed. After this evocative experience that will send us back in time we will return to La Piana dei Mulini for some rest and dinner.

This day is all about Italian food and lifestyle.

Homemade fresh meal is a must in every Italian house. As a guest it’s the best option to enjoy time with family and friends, as a host it’s even better!
That’s why La Piana dei Mulini professional chef will teach us all the secrets of the Italian cuisine and will let us learn how to make and cook delicious fresh homemade Italian pasta to surprise your family and friends once back home. The workshop will take place in the restaurant kitchen and we will enjoy for lunch the pasta and other dishes we will be making all together.

After lunch there will be time to rest (as Italians do) or enjoy the amazing park all around the place and the river.

Wine Tasting

In the late afternoon all the secrets about Italian Local Wine and wine making will be revealed by an authentic winemaker. The wine tasting session will teach us how to choose the appropriate wine for each food, starting from the dinner at La Piana dei Mulini.

The health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet can be largely ascribed to the nutraceutical properties of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (EVO). The main nutraceutical substances of EVO have been suggested to have the ability to modulate aging-associated processes. Plus, the extra vIrgin olive oil is part of the ancient culture of the Mediterranean Countries, its history and its life. Apart from the mountains, Molise is full of olive trees and local olive species, called cultivar. In the ancient Roman time the most famous EVO was the one made in Venafro, a small town in Molise. During your stay we will be visiting one of the most beautiful rural estate owned by an Italian noble family. Located in Molise on the rolling hills of San Martino in Pensiliis, this farm produces excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil sold all over the world in the best specialty shops and has 165 hectares of cereals, olive groves -with 17000 olive trees – and vegetables that overlook the Adriatic coast at an altitude of 120 meters above sea level. Also herons, hawks and migratory birds stop and feed in the five artificial lakes. You will have the rare chance to taste different Olive Oils from the D.O.P Molise to the Citrus and infused Oils that can be used in a variety of different recipes.

At lunch we will enjoy a fish (with fresh and local fish) in one of the traditional restaurants in the old town of Termoli, a Medieval sea town close to San Martino in Pensiliis.

Tour of the Medieval Old Town of Termoli + Shopping

In the afternoon we will visit the old town (called Borgo Antico) of Tremolo that rises on a promontory surrounded by the sea. The town goes back in millennia and has a beautiful and ancient Cathedral where the relics of San Timothy are kept. The Castello Svevo built in 1247 by King Federico II, guards the entrance of the town. The town is known also for its “trabucchi”. The trabucco is an old fishing machine typical of Abruzzo and Molise coast line, similar to a stilt house.

Part of the afternoon will be spent shopping as in Termoli there are many cafes and shops and you can whatever liked from shoes, clothes, ceramics, leather to Italian home design and crafts as well as quality food.

Not often seen on travel lists, Campobasso is the capital of the Molise region. This old-fashioned city offers the most authentic art, history and food one can likely find in the entire Italy, as age-old traditions still carry on today. We will visit the Medieval Old Town with the mid-15th century Castle and Churches. The Archaeological Museum in the heart of the old town shows, through thousands of amazing artifacts (weapons, jewelers, pottery etc.), the long history of the whole region where ancient and powerful civilizations settled along millennia. We will have a typical lunch in a traditional “Osteria”.

Traditional Jewelry Workshop

Campobasso was very well known in the past for the fine work of its craftsmen, especially blacksmiths and goldsmiths. Nowadays just few of them are still working and in the afternoon we will visit a traditional jewelry workshop and make our own jewel!

Dinner at La Piana dei Mulini Mill.

Saepinum rises at the foot of the Matese Massif, on the Molise Appennine: the Matese is one of the most ancient European mountains, preserved in time as 70 millions of years ago. The ancient city of Saepinum covers about 12 hectares and is surrounded by defensive walls with four main gates. The city enjoyed its moment of maximum splendor during the I century AD when all the public buildings were raised. The layout of the town is clearly visible and its most important structures were its temples, Forum, Basilica, Baths and its ‘Macellum’ or indoor market. The most intact building is the Theatre which is horse-shoe shaped and surrounded by 18th century houses built of stone taken from the theatre itself! These buildings have been completely restored and now are home to the archaeological museum. We will be fascinated by the atmosphere of the Roman time away from mass tourism. After the Roman town tour, lunch at La Piana dei Mulini is settled.

Truffle Tasting + Farewell Dinner

In the late afternoon, after few hours of free time, a Truffle Workshop is scheduled. Molise is one of the top producers of Italian truffle, both black and white. As it is not common and easy to taste fresh truffle apart from Italy and few countries, a truffle tasting session during the dinner is the best way to experience a rare and luxurious food. It’s also the perfect farewell dinner choice after a deep tour into the less known region of Italy, Molise, the region of unexpected surprise.

Breakfast. Check-out. Transfer to the airport can be arranged on request.