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Rural Village – Le Sette Querce

Rural Village, Donkey, Castle, Archeological Sites, Cooking, Food and Wine

Rural Village – Le Sette Querce

Rural Village, Donkey, Castle, Archeological Sites, Cooking, Food and Wine

Arrival at the airport. We can arrange transfers to and from Sesto Campano on request.
Check-in at “Le Sette Querce Village”.

“Benvenuto” Drink and Dinner with Traditional dishes of the ancient shepherds and peasants who lived and worked in the village.

In the morning we will visit San Vincenzo al Volturno and its archaeological area. We will be fascinated by the magnificence of the Monastery and the Cript of Abbot Epifanio rich in early Medieval frescoes made by artists lived more than 1200 years ago.

San Vincenzo al Volturno is one of the most impressive sites in Europe. It was a great spiritual and political center and part of a landscape of extreme beauty, unchanged since the time of the ancient Samnites, wild and home to wolves, bears, deer, chamois.

In Rocchetta al Volturno we will visit the “International Museum of World Wars”, one of the most interesting in Italy.
Lunch will take place in a very nice restaurant surrounded by nature, mountains and oaks of the Volturno valley. At the Belvedere inn, Stefano, Italian champion chef of a famous Italian culinary show, with his show cooking will delight the eyes and palate with “Ravioli alla Scapolese”.

Visit of a Leather and Shoes Artisan Workshop + Biscotti and Wine Tasting

In the afternoon we will visit the Medieval village of Castel San Vincenzo and learn about the art of manufacturing one of the most famous products of Made in Italy: Italian shoes! Elena and Luigi, in their small artisan workshop, will show us their techniques to make entirely handmade shoes. We will leave the shop after having tasted delicious biscuits made with organic honey as well as sipped a good glass of local wine.

Back to Le Sette Querce Village for dinner with cold cuts and artisan meats, cheeses made with hand-milked milk by Mrs. Filomena, truffles, homemade pasta and all seasonal products that the fertile land between Molise and Campania offers.

The Rural village “Le Sette Querce” is pure relaxation. To visit it we could not choose the best way: a donkey. The cart driven by Romeo and Giovanni will take us to the farm and visit the home of our 11 donkeys, the Hermitage and all the immense green areas with sheep and oak woods and fruit trees.

After the visit we will immerse ourselves in the essence of Italian cuisine and learn the basic Italian cooking techniques. We will prepare fresh handmade pasta and genuine and tasty condiments -Tagliatelle with Truffle seasoned with cherry tomatoes and basil, creamed with Pecorino cheeses.

Activities of your choice + Dinner

In the afternoon “relax” to enjoy the place with extra activities, depending on the season. In the village there is a little house, with beds made of hay and no electricity, to restore body and soul as well as a swimming pool, reading room, bowling alley…
Dinner at the Village.

We will go to Bagnoli del Trigno, a charming Medieval village located near a rocky massif called “la preta” that stands between the River Trigno and the River Vella and it is dominated by the Lombard Castle.The landscape is picturesque and for this called “the Fairyland” or “the Pearl of Molise”. Lunch at Calice Rosso Restaurant.

Officinal Herbs

In the afternoon we will visit the fields of cultivation of medicinal herbs and the plant production to learn how herbs are cultivated, harvested and then prepared for health and beauty treatments. We will also explore and experiment about wild and medicinal herbs used in the field of phytotherapy.

This day will be dedicated to the visit of Venafro, the city of one of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It seems that the extra virgin olive oil made in Venafro was the best of ancient Rome as written by Plinio, Vitruvio and Columella, Roman writers of agriculture.
After visiting Pandone Castle, with the wonderful painted Renaissance horses, and the Archaeological Museum, with its Medieval finds and with the Roman Venere with “beautiful buttocks”, through secret medieval passages and “walled archeology”, we will arrive at the Dwelling Belmonte-del Prete. The historic building is one of the most beautiful in Venafro and in its eighteenth century kitchens, the agronomists of the Venafro Olive Park will teach us to recognize all the qualities of a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
In the “Pompeian Hall” the owners of the Palace will let us taste their specialties and, at lunch with us, they will tell us stories and legends of Venafro.

Time to relax at the Rural Village | Enjoy the landscape.

In the afternoon we will go back to the village to relax and have dinner.

One of the flavors of Italy is cheese! Let’s learn how to make cheese, ricotta, mozzarella, with hands and milk!
At lunch Ravioli with fresh ricotta cheese!

Music- + Wine and Dinner

Get ready to say hello … the evening at the Rural Village “le Sette Querce” the dinner will be enlivened by Italian music with accordion, accordion and mandolin, good wine and the delicious pizza that Paolo, pizza chef and pastry chef, will prepare for us.

Breakfast. Check-out. We can arrange transfer to Rome on request.